Fin – Newport News, VA

Tasty Seafood Puff

I truly enjoy stumbling across new places to eat. And this was literally the case.

Recently, I had been traveling through the greater part of Virginia for work. Being conscience about my weight, I decided to hunt down a smoothie for lunch. I bought said smoothie and began to walk across the street back to my car. In doing so, I picked up my phone to find my next appointment, when suddenly I ran into a sidewalk sign for a restaurant called Fin, “3 Tapas Dinner with wine pairing – $25.”

Organic, Herb Roasted Pork Shank

Was this God’s way of telling me, “Here is where to have dinner, my son?”

I am not sure, but who am I to give up such a great opportunity!

That evening, I sat at the bar and began my adventure in food.

The first course began with a 3 oz. pour of the  2010 A to Z Pinot Gris.  This Pinot Gris is simple, brilliant and elegant.  The apple and pear overtones were delicate—a perfect compliment for the seafood puff, a pastry puff layered with brussels sprouts, octopus and topped with lobster.  A splendid beginning.

Next came the organic, herb-roasted pork shank, served on a bed of polenta, a side of sauteed spinach and plated with an orange ju. This course was accompanied by a Kenwood Old Vines. Sadly, I did not get the varietal or the year. However, I can tell you that was, by far, the best Kenwood I have had. Maybe, I will just try a few bottles from their collection to reassure my findings.

Beef Wellington

My night came to a close with a beautiful beef wellington.  The beef was presented at medium rare and served with creamy mash potatoes, organic baby carrots and finished with a red wine demi-glace. However, the A to Z Night and Day would not be outdone by the wellington. With an arsenal of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, sangiovese and syrah, this bottle may become my new party wine.  At a $15 market price, I feel that it may be likely to find this gem for as little as $12. And let me tell you, this bottle drinks at a greater value that that. So drink up before A to Z realizes they can get more dough for this one!

After my time at the bar, I got to know Scott, the bartender.  He mentioned that the 3-course tapas feature only happens on Tuesday nights.

What were the chances that I would stumble upon such a great meal, at a great price on a Tuesday evening? Who knows?

Whether it was God’s intervention or not, I was pleased with stumbling upon this great find!

3150 William Styron Sq N
Newport News, VA 23606-2691

(757) 599-5800