Free Drink Parties and the FDP

Post-ACL this year, I had to fly from Austin to Richmond. I arrived early to the airport, boarded the plane and found my assigned seat. I sat next to a young lady who was recovering from ACL. She was from Philly and worked for a drug marketing company. I asked her how her time in Austin was.

“I love this city!” she exclaimed.

She chatted about how friendly everyone was and how the music scene is great.

FDP-ing it up!

But the one thing that stood out in her mind was, “Y’all serve free drinks in Austin!”

My new friend had spent ACL eve on a plane. Her and her girlfriends landed and wanted to take on the town. They started their trek up 6th Street. Before they knew it, they were coerced into a bar that was running a promotion. She went on and on about how stuff like this doesn’t happen in Philly. But drinks were flying. Soon after, they left the first bar to take a taxi home. They had met their limit at their first stop.

I guess the promotional company got what they wanted—she had a glass full of stories revolving around her drink and she got a few free drinks from the occasion.

My friends and I have a term for these kinds of gatherings. Previously, we called them “Free Drink Parties,” but the phrase quickly got tiresome. Therefore, we whittled it down to a three letter acronym. In fact, you can now find it in the Urban Dictionary.

abbreviation for 
Free Drink Party; a gathering in which free beverages are served, often alcoholic in nature.

All I have to say is, we at OhSpooning love Austin!  We love what it stands for: great friends, wonderful music and the best food you can eat!

From time to time, we will be at an FDP and we’d love to meet you face to face!

So don’t be a stranger.  We are going to make our digital friends become analog!  :]