Minimalist Cooking

A simple meal that's easy to put together, but still tastes great.

So, I have this thing with minimalism. I read all the blogs from Unclutterer to The Minimalists to This Tiny House. That might seem odd to anyone who’s been in my room, since it is quite full, but none-the-less, I love the concept and aim to continue uncluttering my life (as I have been for years). Today I read a post on Unclutterer about the two hats the poster uses in cooking: one as creative chef, the other as utilitarian cook and I can totally relate.

There are days when I come home and all I can do is take a slice of bread, toast it and maybe, maybe add some jelly or honey to the top for diner. Then there are days, such as today, when I feel creative in the kitchen and I really want to make something, be it trying a new recipe or just whipping up something I could make in my sleep.

Today I went to the store after having avoided it for so long, and, although I planned to just pick up a few items for a smoothie, ended up buying stuff, instead, for enchiladas. I didn’t use a recipe, but then again, I don’t really need to. The key to good enchiladas are simple: cheese, onions, fried corn tortillas, green or red sauce and black refried beans to accompany it. I added avocados and tomatoes to make it a little extra special, because come on—cheesy goodness was not on my diet for today.

What about you? Do your days go back and forth from chef to cook? What are some of your “go-tos” when your energy is gone and you just need some fuel?