Technique—Offering Fine Fining At A Small Price

As I’ve mentioned, my parents took Antonio and I to Technique in Austin for my birthday celebration.

This is a place my parents and I love going whenever they come to town. It’s the Le Cordon Bleu’s restaurant, where culinary students learn practical skills, such as serving and preparing food.

It’s a great place for a family dinner or to take a date. You’ll find white linens on tables, for a fine dining experience. This semester, we were told the culinary class is small for the restaurant, so instead of its usual choice of more than three courses you’ll be able to only choose three courses. The pro to this tiny con is that you’ll pay just $10 for that three-course meal prepared by chefs in training. The menu changes at times, but usually has a few staples, such as a fish, a nice steak and something a little braver in the meat selection.

Focaccia Bread

Bread with individual butters came to the table first. Unfortunately, some of the bread was still too doughy in the middle. Mine was cooked-through, so I gave it to my mom because she doesn’t even like doughy cookies—everything needs to be cooked through, thank you.

The caprese salad was by far the best thing I tried, with a perfect presentation and taste.

I started with the caprese salad, which the table agreed was excellent both in taste and presentation. The mozzarella was fried and, in addition to the typical red tomato, there was a hint of roasted red pepper mixed in.

That was followed by the halibut, served with corn and fava bean succotash, tomatoes and peas. It was good, but could not compute with the caprese salad. I only ate half of it, because I wanted to make sure and leave room for dessert (times two, since my mom made me a cake).

For dessert, I think the whole table ordered salted caramel pot de crème, with Chantilly cream and an almond sable cookie. While the consistency was excellent, we had a hard time recognizing the salted caramel taste at all. Not that the dessert was bland—it was quite tasty. It just lacked a strong salt or caramel flavor. Antonio not only finished his, but also mine as well, so he must have thought it was splendid. It was quite good, just not what any of us had anticipated from its description.

Salted caramel pot de creme

While I thought the service was good, Antonio, who has worked in the service industry was not as impressed. I tried to explain to him that they

were in training, but he didn’t seem to like that excuse since both times we’ve been there he’s seen issues. This time was much better than the last, though. And the instructor definitely had his serving skills perfected.

If you enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner, you’re in luck there as well. They have a wine list to choose from.

Overall, I think this is one of the restaurants that is often overlooked in Austin. Where else can you get such a nice meal at such a great price? Thanks mom and dad!