Fun Fun Fun Food 2011 Day 1

Festival season is upon us once again. And somehow it feels like it never ends. I mean, seriously, didn’t Halloween feel like it lasted 4 days this year? Next year Halloween will be on a Tuesday. Will that mean Halloween will be a 5 day festival? Time will tell.

But our little heart putters in excitement for Music Festivals. Because festivals bring good food.

And Fun Fun Fun Fest is no stranger. This year they have brought out the big guns to help kill off your cravings.

Tiffany and I weren’t able to break away until late in the afternoon from work, so we only enjoyed dinner at the fest.

Black Sheep Lodge has a great list. I joined the Black Sheep regime by getting their Carnitas Sandwich with spicey green chili and coleslaw.  The best part was when I got the offer to add tater tots for $2 more.  I gave in, since my arm was twisted by the sweet people at Black Sheep. I must say, the tots were splendid – prefect and crisp! The sandwich was suprisingly moist. Truth be known, I often anticipate having heat-lamp-dry food at a festival. But the sandwich is fully flavored and great! Well done sheeps!

Tiffany fell for mmmpanadas by getting their mushroom and spinach specialty.  What sent empanada into greatness was the chipotle mayo. The food was great although I think that Tiffany would have enjoyed it more if the she had the opportunity to scoop/pour her mayo on her empanda.

We have a big day ahead of us!  Time to try some specialty crepes and milkshakes.

Lets move onward Fun Fun Fun Foodies! Spoon away!

4209 Airport Boulevard
Austin, TX 78701

(512) 788-2228

Black Sheep Lodge
 2108 South Lamar Blvd # A, Austin, TX
(512) 707-2744