Review: Rosie’s Tamale House

Rosie's Tamale House is decorated for the holidays.

Heading toward Spicewood, Texas, on Hwy. 71 West for a meeting, I spotted Rosie’s Tamale House.

I’d heard it was a Bee Cave staple and I had a few minutes to spare, so I dropped in for a breakfast taco to go.
To go is right! In just a few minutes my order was ready and I was on my way.

The inside of the restaurant is decked out for Christmas with festive lights, a tree and other decorations, which seems appropriate since the building appears to be an old house turned dining area.

While you wait on your food, there’s a wide bench at the front to sit on, with photos reflecting Rosie’s past posted on the wall behind the bench.

I got a breakfast taco with potatoes, eggs and cheese on a flour tortilla. Two items of choice come on the taco for $2, but extra additions are just a quarter more. The tacos are wrapped in foil, which keeps the delicious cheese melted until you arrive at your destination.

When I opened the taco, I was delighted to see a lot of cheesy goodness melted on the taco as well as the aluminum foil it was wrapped in. The potatoes were well-cooked—not in the crispy sense, but in the well-boiled sense. I typically like crispy potatoes, but somehow the soft ones worked in this stuffed breakfast taco.

I should have asked for salsa as it didn’t automatically come with any, but the results were still really good. I also ordered coffee, which came in a big styrofoam cup and a lid so I wouldn’t spill it on myself while driving (which happens more than I care to admit).

It’s definitely a spot I’d recommend and I hope to try their tamales someday—maybe on our next trip to El Paso we can order some for the road.

In September, there was a post on their Facebook page alluding to it possibly closing, so make sure and stop by while you can!


Rosie’s Tamale House
13436 HWY 71 W., Bee Cave, TX 78738
512-263-5245 •