Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop expanding

Line outside Sugar Mama's Bakeshop at its one-year anniversary in 2009.

A little birdie told me Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop is expanding … OK, I confess, it was Twitter.

Anyway, their website confirms they are expanding, which will include a small dining area to serve breakfast pastries and coffee.

If you’ve been to Sugar Mama’s, you’ll know it is tiny! But in a good way (unless you’re at the anniversary party, in which it’s super crowded). This will give customers an opportunity to take a moment and enjoy their sweets without having to rush out to allow others in.

They are losing the rootbeer and pina colada flavors, but adding a variety of vegan cupcakes. And if you’re attached to the flavors leaving the menu, they’ll still be available by the dozen if ordered 2 days in advance.