Love Biscuits

By Tiffany Young

Love biscuits is the name I’ve decided on for these super cute biscuits I made last night in the form of hearts. The idea was spurred when a coworker started passing out jam and cinnamon pear butter she got as favors from a wedding last weekend. I chose the cinnamon pear butter, even though blueberry was the other choice, because I’ve never had pear butter before.

On my way home all I could think about was making biscuits so I could try it out. My mom asked why I didn’t just go buy biscuits, but that seems a bit lame considering I didn’t need to go to the store for anything else and I had all the ingredients for biscuits. I don’t have a recipe I usually call upon, so I reached for the AFBA cookbook in the hopes that there would be a recipe, and sure enough, there was one for biscuits and gravy by South Austin Foodie (Side note: Oh, how I miss sausage gravy as a pescetarian).

The recipe was perfect and easy. I loved the idea of grating the butter instead of cutting it with 2 knives, which takes FOREVER! As I said, I used a heart cookie cutter, not knowing whether they would keep their shape, but they totally did, making them kinda the cutest biscuits ever. Yeah.

Lessons learned: Biscuits for dinner is great. Heart cookie cutters make everything cuter. Coworkers love leftover baked goods.

If you want to check out the cookbook, there are still some for sale: AFBA cookbook.