Garrison Bros with The Brotherhood

By Antonio F Delgado

You may or may not know this but I work with the System Engineering Team at National Instruments. My position allows me support some 80+ people. Hence, to get my work done, I have a form that my co-workers have to utilize to communicate with me. At the end of the form, my response page clearly states, “Nothing says ‘Thank you’ like whiskey.”

And that is how your build a reputation with your co-workers.

After volunteering at the Salvation Army during the holiday season, I invited everyone back the patio at the Baylor House for some bourbon.  Enjoy the discussion between, Norm, Craig, Andy, Jerry, Eddie and myself as we discuss the greatness of Garrsion Bros Bourbon, engineer ‘Micro-Stills’ for your desk and define ‘Pooh Style’.

And remember, “Nothing says ‘Thank you’ like whiskey.” Raise a glass Spooners!

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