OhSpooning’s Resolutions for 2014

By Tiffany Young & Antonio Delgado

Looking back over 2013, there are a lot of things the OhSpooners would like to improve and many things we thought went really well.

For instance, after our blog was hacked it was down for several months. Not good!

But, we started doing audio interviews (podcasts?) this year and have really enjoyed the process. We also seem to be writing about booze more … hmmm.

After reviewing our last year, The Spooners have come up with a few resolutions for the blog.

1) We want to post on a schedule. We’ve already started working on an editorial calendar for us, so we can plan posts ahead of time.

2) We also want to start sharing our posts more. Right now we tend to post and forget. We think there are people out there who would be interested in our posts if we told them about them, but we are just leaving it to the poor internet surfers to find us (or more likely not).

3) We are going to write a theme song for our podcasts. In our downtime, or lack thereof, we have a kid’s band called The Tiny Bots.

4) We are going to start doing “expert” videos  entitled “Baking with Chef Bren Young” to show tips and techniques on baking, cake decorating and whatever craziness she is working up in her kitchen lab.

You may have noticed, if you’ve followed us in the last year, that we have begun to intersect art and food through creativity. We’ll be continuing down this road in the next year, focusing on art, music, food and where they meet. We believe food is an art form that fosters creativity.