Childhood Memories with Julie Munroe of Foie Gras Hot Dog

Julie Munroe of Foie Gras Hot Dog  getting ready to bread and fry "scallops."

Julie Munroe of Foie Gras Hot Dog getting ready to bread and fry “scallops.”

Meet Julie Munroe, AFBA member and food blogger for We asked Julie to tell us a bit about her childhood food memories.

1. What was the most (or some of the most) common meal(s) you ate as a child?
We had a big garden and a vegetarian household, so there were typically a lot of vegetables on the plate. Stewed zucchini with hominy, one-dish rice casseroles, baked potatoes with steamed broccoli and cheese sauce.
2. What was your favorite snack as a kid?
Dried bananas – not banana chips, though. We would split the ripe bananas lengthways into the three sections they naturally divide into and dehydrate them until they were leathery, but still a little soft and chewy inside. It was like eating taffy.
3. Tell me about the setting of a typical meal in your family.
We always all had dinner together around the table and I was allowed to be involved in the preparation from an early age. Friday evenings were special because we’d usually have cinnamon rolls, and always rice – rice served with milk and cinnamon, or rice with a savory mushroom curry or chicken tetrazzini-type sauce.
4. Did you have any odd eating habits as a child?
I suppose the fact that we used a good deal of meat analog might count as odd. We had fake lunch meats and gluten “scallops” and such. I was eating Morning Star breakfast patties before they were branded for mainstream grocery stores.
5. If your palate has changed, when did that occur and what did you like differently?
I do eat some fish and chicken occasionally now, and the occasional bite or two of lamb or goat, but it is more an exception than rule for me. My short list of strong dislikes (avocados, fresh tomatoes, grainy Lima beans) is still pretty similar to when I was a kid, but has softened a bit. I’m pretty cool with fresh tomatoes in things these days, at least.
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