Tiffany acting silly!

Tiffany Lynn

Confession—I’m a foodie. I have no qualms about it. Some people resist the term, but for me, I come by it naturally. My mom is a pastry chef, my brother taught himself to cook Cajun food from watching the Food Network channel, and, in high school, one of the cheerleaders made up a skit incorporating everyone’s boyfriends, but instead, used food as my love of choice (all to the song “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree—we were pretty cool).

Anyway, I’m used to the looks and stares people give at restaurants when I take pics of my food.

What makes this food blog any different from the others out there? Hopefully, it’s that we don’t take ourselves too seriously! While we love food, we’re not pretentious about it (Before I stopped eating meat, I had no qualms about adding cut up hotdogs to my eggs and I add ketchup to things you shouldn’t.) But we can also appreciate the finer things (Hello, King crab!). Join us in our culinary adventures!


Antonio and Jello!

Antonio Florencio

Confession—I’m a foodie.  I guess I can finally admit my faults.  And by doing so, I can now get help.  And by help, I mean I work out just to offset my in-take.

Granted, I haven’t always been like this.  In fact, I didn’t begin to appreciate food until I moved to Dallas and began to work in my first serving position.  Prior to this, I had never tried blue cheese, balsamic or anything as extravagant as bib lettuce.

You see, I grew up in El Paso.  Home of Chico’s Tacos, At The Drive-In and great mexican food!  At the time, El Paso didn’t really have a food scene.  Oh how times have changed.

Needless to say, my taste-buds didn’t seek adventure until I moved to DFW.  Maybe it was the big hair. Maybe it was the $30,000 millionaires.  Or maybe it was just my openness to new experiences.

Whatever it may be, I am glad it happened.

By the time my tenure in waiting ended, I had upgraded to a new restaurant and truly began to learn to quality service meant.

No one likes a food snob… or even worse a wine snob.

But our goal with Oh Spooning is to bring you great recommendations for yours ears and lips to enjoy!

Spoon up spooners!