Double Vanilla Cupcakes

Double Vanilla Cupcakes

I’ve taken to calling these double vanilla cupcakes, because it’s vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. The recipes came from Sally’s Baking Addiction and the frosting decoration was part of her monthly baking challenge for this month. Mine didn’t quite look like roses as hers did, but I still thought they came out beautifully.

This weekend was supposed to be full of rain, so I planned indoor activities for Saturday, but so far I haven’t seen a drop.

My indoor activities included making these delicious cupcakes (the crumb on these are amazing!), watching Doc Martin on Netflix, reading “All Grown Up” by Jami Attenberg and some good old puttering around the house.

A new method for my to-do lists is to write each thing I want to get done on a separate post-it note on my bathroom mirror. I got about 4 things done today of about 12 that I put up there. I’ll let you know how this works. It does remind me of what needs to be done every time I wash my hands, but I find after a few days I stop seeing notes around the house at times.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

OhSpooning to be published in AFBA cookbook

It’s official! We are definitely being included in The Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook being published in April. This means our Preston Spice Cupcakes with Cardamom Frosting will be in not just one book (Jump Little Cake, Jump!), but two!

If you are looking for a great, local, Austin recipe book complete with recipes from famous and average Joe food bloggers, the AFBA cookbook is a great choice. It has a beautiful cover, which will make it perfect for me to display alongside my other gorgeous cookbooks.

It’s one of the first community cookbooks compiled just by food bloggers and I’m excited we could take part!


Here’s the list of recipes, along with whose recipes will be included!

The cookbook is being pre-sold here.


Cupcake Wars Audition!

In September, my mom got a call from a casting director of Cupcake Wars asking her to make an audition tape for Season 8. She was a little overwhelmed and kept saying “I’m not ready, I’m not ready!” But I told her, “Yes, you are!” So, I drove six hours to Texarkana to help her with her video and here it is. If she gets on the show, I will be her assistant. We are hoping to hear back from them any day now. I have been practicing my baking skills just in case, because if we get on we will have to make a lot of cupcakes really fast! Enjoy!

Cupcake Wars Audition

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop expanding

Line outside Sugar Mama's Bakeshop at its one-year anniversary in 2009.

A little birdie told me Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop is expanding … OK, I confess, it was Twitter.

Anyway, their website confirms they are expanding, which will include a small dining area to serve breakfast pastries and coffee.

If you’ve been to Sugar Mama’s, you’ll know it is tiny! But in a good way (unless you’re at the anniversary party, in which it’s super crowded). This will give customers an opportunity to take a moment and enjoy their sweets without having to rush out to allow others in.

They are losing the rootbeer and pina colada flavors, but adding a variety of vegan cupcakes. And if you’re attached to the flavors leaving the menu, they’ll still be available by the dozen if ordered 2 days in advance.

Bringing cupcakes to the masses!

“Jump Little Cake, Jump”

You may have noticed our posts have dropped off a bit this past month. Well, there’s a reason for that!

The Spooners have been on a mission to bring cupcakes to the masses!

Preston Spice, a cupcake is our friend, and we are telling a story about his journey in story form.

We have a Kickstarter (a crowdfunding website that allows people to help get the project funded and are rewarded different ‘party favors’ based on the amount they contribute) going on right now and we have about a month to raise $7,500. This money would allow us to print a first run of the book (1,000 copies), press CDs and get all the copyrights to go along with it.

If you love cupcakes, we want you to be involved!


1. Download a portion of the book and a song at for FREE!

2. Sing along and dance to downloaded song.

3. Like us on Facebook at

4. Pre-order a book at

5. Follow us on Twitter for silly posts, like “TGIF—Thank God I’m Frosted!” and “What does a cupcake wear to work? #cupcakeproblems

6. Give yourself a hug from us for helping out a little cake!

7. Tell a friend about this cupcake’s journey to courage!!