Pin it. Make it. Eat it.: Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

Pin it. Make it. Eat it.: Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

Sometimes you just want a cinnamon roll, but you don’t want it to take all day long to make. Insert this recipe from Crazy for Crust that I found on Pinterest:

In just 45 minutes you can have some yummy to your tummy cinnamon rolls. I love that it only serves six rolls—Just the amount to not get too carried away.

When I went to Texarkana for the week of July 4th, my mom and I were craving a sweet, so we ventured online for a quick recipe. This was the one I thought worked well with our timeframe and the amount we wanted to make. Not to mention a delicious cream cheese frosting recipe! The only thing we changed was adding raisins—you’ve got to add plump raisins!

Although my mom and I took the rolls out just a tad too early at first, we quickly put them back in for a few minutes and enjoyed this recipe so much! So quick, so easy and so delicious!

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Pin it. Make it. Eat it. — Spinach Rolls

Pin it. Make it. Eat it. — Spinach Rolls

The joke among people on Pinterest is that they pin lots of things, but never actually make any of the things they pin. However, I’m proud to say I take my obsessive pins to the next level by trying to make at least some of them happen.

Since most of my Pin experiments have turned out well, I plan on posting them here and then linking to the recipe so you can try it yourself.

For instance, these Miniature Spinach Parmesan Puffs helped me get rid of fresh spinach I had on hand and tasted delicious. I’d recommend them as an appetizer or for a potluck since they are so quick and easy to make and hold up well even after they come to room temperature.

If you’ve had great success with recipes you’ve pinned, be sure to share them with us! Happy pinning!

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Pinterests of Interest

Pinterest is all the rage these days. (If you haven’t heard of it or need an invite to get started, leave your e-mail in the comments section and I’ll hook you up.)

I love getting ideas on new recipes and how to plate different items by sifting through the beautiful pics. Today I decided I’d browse some of the users for suggestions on who to follow for some of the best food ideas on the web.

Here’s my list:

Michelle DuPuis has a unique Frozen deliciousness board—showing a variety of frozen treats— as well as Well Poured, HAPPY meals and a wide variety of recipes divided by individual holidays.

Vanessa Lynch‘s Pinterest Foodapalooza board has many appetizers and bite-sized desserts for any occasion.

Sarah Crim‘s I <3 Food board has lots of colorful items and leans a bit toward Southern cooking/hospitality.

Erin Treadway‘s Recipe board has lots of fun treats for kids birthdays. Looking for owl cupcakes? Whooo isn’t? 😉

Krisa Burnaugh Bryant‘s Yum… Yum… Yum-o! board includes a little bit of everything. One of the best things I saw on her board was crescent roll s’mores. I need to try that!

Lindsey Pritchard-Peterson has a mostly gluten-free food board called How to get my man healthy … without him knowing.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Leave any other ‘to follow’ suggestions in the comments, and of course, feel free to follow me, Tiffany Young, on Pinterest.