North Shoal Creek: Verts Kebap


I was recently introduced to Verts Kebap in North Shoal Creek and its close proximity to my house means I’m likely to go back again and again. In the same shopping center as Hopdoddy’s, it’s a nice option if Hopdoddy’s ends up having a crazy long line (as it usually does).

The first go ’round I tried the veggie patty, but it was a bit mushy. So I went back and tried what I should have gotten the first time: a falafel. The falafel passed the test. It was crispy and hot and came with lots of vegetables and a variety of sauce options. There’s also a snack size, which is perfect for me, as it seems more like normal sized to me. If you like crispy, salty fries, definitely grab a side order, as they are really good hot and fresh.

Now it’s not going to replace Kebabalicious, but it is nice to have an option close to home that’s very reasonable and quick.The house and spicy red sauces really round out the falafel.

Try it for a quick dinner when you’re too tired to cook.

Love: How cheap and quick it is.


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