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AFBA Potluck: Quiche Me Again, Please

DSC_2635By Tiffany Young

OK, from the title, you may have already guessed I have a bit of a love affair with quiche. I mean, how could I not? It has eggs. I love eggs. It has cheese. I love cheese. And best of all—it has crust! I mean frittatas are good, but quiche, with it’s lovely crust, is better. (That’s the difference between quiche and frittatas if you never knew.)

I have been invited to a lot of potlucks lately, and, while I enjoy cooking I don’t like to spend all of my free time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, unless it’s by choice. So, I’ve been sticking to quick and dirty recipes. Some of my favorite, easy recipes include cornbread, quick pies and—back to the subject—quiche.

My favorite base recipe comes from here. This “recipe” is perfect for me, because it’s not too structured. I want the basics: about this many eggs, this much dairy product, but I never really follow recipes to the T. This recipe allows you to decide what to add. Case in point, sometimes I have milk on hand, other times it’s half and half or cream. They all work just fine, so start with this recipe and then venture from there.

This quiche was made to share with the Austin Food Blogger Alliance for our anniversary potluck. You can just imagine all the deliciousness that was shared. And in good company, too!

Luckily, my coworker, Frank, had brought me a dozen fresh eggs and I had a frozen pie crust already awaiting for me in the freezer.

At the store, sundried tomatoes were calling to me, so I decided to pair it with feta cheese and Italian herbs. A quick tip: Always line the pie crust with cheese, so it doesn’t get too soggy on the bottom. I had a little cheddar cheese to start with, about 1/4 cup to spread on the bottom. Then I added a thick layer of feta cheese, then sundried tomatoes (both of these items already had Italian herbs added), then the egg mixture (see the formula on the link above) and then I added a sprinkle of Herbs de Provence.

I wasn’t sure what I would get since I’d never used feta or sundried tomatoes in quiche before, but it was better than I had even imagined.

So, the next time you’re pressed for something to bring to a potluck (or a brunch, or Easter breakfast), do us all a favor and make a quiche (just remember it takes about a full hour to bake, so it’s not necessarily quick, but it is easy!).



Austin Food Bloggers Alliance /// Savory Spice Shop /// New Members Party

On Saturday evening, the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance had a party to welcome it’s newest members to the fold. We at OhSpooning have been members for the last year but this has been the first opportunity we have had to speak other bloggers and see what they are doing.

02092013_ATX_AFBA_SavoryAndSweet_NewMemebers_005Our host for the night was the lovely and endearing Karen Aboussie. She graciously hosted the AFBA mixer at the Savory Spice Shop on West 6th Street. Karen spent over 25 years in marketing before opening the Savory Spice Shop and her demeanor is relaxing and joyous. She reminds me of my aunt – all are welcome into her home and she wants you to taste everything on the shelf. Karen has a way of making you smile while she talks to you about her passion for spice and great food. Her personality is contagious.

Karen and her staff spent the evening educating the AFBA family about the shelf life on spices. In fact, did you know that cinnamon only has a shelf life of 6 months? Also, most grounded spices are only good for about a year while whole spices may be kept for about 18 months. These simple facts are going to change the way I handle my pantry.

And if you have never tried black Korean garlic, you are missing out.

Take the time to swing by Savory Spice Shop on West 6th. Feel the warmth. Your taste-buds will thank you. We promise!