Rolling With My Homies


My parents drove in today for my birthday and called me on the way to see where we were eating for lunch. When I asked them what they were in the mood for I was given “we’ve heard miso soup is good for you.”

OKkkkk… An odd challenge. I knew most sushi places had miso soup, but my parents say they don’t like sushi. I was pretty sure they just hadn’t experienced much sushi, so after a bit of browsing, I decided Maki’s How Do You Roll was a great choice. It’s sort of ‘sushi-light’ in my opinion. The normal menu intimidation is gone. You can just look at the ingredients and pick them, thus freeing yourself from ordering something that sounds safe, but really isn’t. Besides, you can even get teriyaki chicken on your roll.

How Do You Roll is a great place to take beginner sushi eaters. For starters, there are large posters giving directions on how it works. To make your own wrap, you choose the wrapper—soy or seaweed, then three vegetables and then a meat. And you don’t actually roll your own, as my mom was worried about—they put everything together for you as you point it out to them.

At the counter they also ask if it’s your first time to come in. If it is, they hit a big gong and say, “we have first timers!” or something like that. Then an employee walks you through the steps, giving suggestions as you go if you’re as slow as my family. I got a crab roll with avocado, cucumbers, green onion and sweet chili dribbled on top. I also ordered miso soup, which was very flavorful and hot.

Wraps are $3.95 for traditional and $4.95 for modern, with meats an additional cost for each. Miso soup is just 99 cents and will help you feel full after one roll.

My parents enjoyed everything we ordered and none of us were too full, which was good, because our dinner reservations were for just three hours later.

Bottom line? I think it’s a great casual place to eat. It’s fast, reasonable and the interior is bright green and fun. And I love fun!

Arbor Walk Shopping Center
10515 N. Mopac Expy. 165A
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 243-8298,
Mon.–Sun. 11 a.m.–9 p.m.