Kate Payne’s “Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen” is Out

Kate Payne’s “Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen” is Out

By Tiffany Young

Despite the fact that I’m not entirely a do-it-yourselfer, I still love reading about other people who garden, live on farms and enjoy making their own “stuff,” for lack of a better word.

I mean, I bake. I cook. I make DIY body scrubs … that sort of thing. But growing veggies and raising chickens I leave to the experts. It’s not that I’m not interested, I just know my lack of follow through at this point.

One of the blogs I follow such as this is the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking. Kaye Payne just came out with her own book, “Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen,” which I aim to get just as soon as I buy a house or condo, which, hopefully, is real soon. The Spooners had the opportunity to go to a cookbook event last week at Springdale Farm, in which Payne explained how to ferment veggies. I’m not sure the Spooners are at that point where we’re planning on fermenting (not to mention I’m not a huge fan of vinegar), but the cocktail bitters were definitely intriguing. Perhaps we’ll stick to drinks!

If you get the chance, Kate has several events coming up before she goes on tour here in Austin, so check out her new book.

Also, if you get the chance to go to Springdale Farm, you should totally go! It is serene and the ducks following each other, (No wonder there’s the saying, “Get your ducks in a row.”) are adorable.

Fresh is eggcellent!

I just ate one of the best omelets I’ve ever had. It’s also probably the freshest I’ve ever had, which is probably no coincidence. My dear friend Mark Collins gave me some of his chickens’ eggs yesterday, along with jalapeƱos and bell peppers from his garden, which I used for an omelet this morning using this recipe. I subbed in what I had and left out the things I didn’t have, such as a red pepper and cilantro. I used green onion in place of a regular one, chipotle cheese instead of cheddar and used srirachi in place of Tobasco. The results were amazing! I don’t think I’ll be getting a chicken coop any time soon and my gardening skills aren’t quite up to par, but I am more determined to find locally sourced food! Thanks, Mark!