The search for the lobster roll

photo (11)By Tiffany Young

In my family it’s always about the food. Forget talking, spending time together, watching movies and playing games (well, we do that, too, but it’s not the main event). The majority of our family time is spent talking about food, looking up food and eating food.

My mom, in particular, talks a lot about foods she craves. For example, she’s always wanted to go to Maine. If you asked her of a single tourist spot she’d like to see, she probably couldn’t name a one.
It’s not the cold weather that entices her either-she can’t stand it. So why does she want to go to Maine? To eat a lobster roll. She talks about lobster rolls a lot and she finally found a place that’s not a thousand miles away to eat one. It is more than a hundred miles away, but still.
T.J.’s Seafood Market (http://www.tjsseafood.com) in Dallas has lobster rolls– a whole one for $25 and a petite for $18. They each come with the choice of a side.
Now the rest of the family is not as obsessed with lobster as my mom is. I think I’d prefer a good crab any day, but I’m not opposed to it. And since we were there for the lobster, I thought, “Why not?”

Three of us got the petite rolls, with my dad going rogue with the gumbo.

The rolls came to us on a plate more than half-filled with veggies and a roll a little larger than my fist. Red chunks of lobster meat covered the buttery roll with lemon peel grated on top. The steamed veggies consisted of broccoli and cauliflower, cooked to perfection, sprinkled with parsley and served with a grilled half lemon.
Overall my first lobster roll was pretty tasty, but the best part about it was the buttery roll, which made it simply addictive. I followed the meal with a nice cup of coffee. Mmm.
Next time I may try the crab cakes, but this year, that is what we’re having for Christmas dinner, so I’ll hold off for now.
As for atmosphere, the place is small, clean and decorated simply but nicely. It’s tucked away in a an upscale, nondescript strip mall in Highland Park.

While the food was good, the shops were kind of lame unless you’re looking to spend a lot of money on old lady clothes. However, do stop by the bed store a few doors down to lay down in a $100,000 bed. Don’t worry-they have foot covers, so you can even put your feet up!
Happy holidays!

Who Are You Spooning With?

Just in case you weren’t sure, food is important to us. And quality food is even more important. But the one thing take precedence over that is who you are with.

Our motto is …

It’s not always about where you spoon but who you are spooning with!

Last year, I reunited with a wonderful couple, Jessica and Clayton. They know how to make my heart smile and I really wanted to have Tiffany meet these wondrous people.

Clayton is a quadruplet and grew up in Copper Canyon, Texas. Jessica and I met when we were both waiting tables at Macaroni Grill in Grapevine. After work, we would regularly head to Chili’s and celebrate the day.

It seemed only proper that we meet there again for a reunion. You can say what you want about Chili’s but they have great comfort food. Their loaded French fries are just like I remember it.

We laughed, hugged and stayed far too long.

Sometimes, you just need to go back to your roots and remember where you came from. Sometimes, you need to hug the ones you love and make new memories. And if I need to travel to Dallas to see the people I miss, then you can find me at Chili’s having an El Presidente.

6251 Long Prairie Road
Flower Mound, TX 75028-6210

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