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OhSpooner’s “Jump Little Cake, Jump!” children’s book is now available!

Jump Little Cake, Jump! children’s book


The OhSpooners, Tiffany & Antonio, wrote a children’s book with Lindsay O’Neal. It is now available at If you love cupcakes, fun and adventure, you’ll love this story about a nerdy cupcake’s journey through the kitchen. It comes with an audio book CD with character voices and songs. Order your book now!

Bringing cupcakes to the masses!

“Jump Little Cake, Jump”

You may have noticed our posts have dropped off a bit this past month. Well, there’s a reason for that!

The Spooners have been on a mission to bring cupcakes to the masses!

Preston Spice, a cupcake is our friend, and we are telling a story about his journey in story form.

We have a Kickstarter (a crowdfunding website that allows people to help get the project funded and are rewarded different ‘party favors’ based on the amount they contribute) going on right now and we have about a month to raise $7,500. This money would allow us to print a first run of the book (1,000 copies), press CDs and get all the copyrights to go along with it.

If you love cupcakes, we want you to be involved!


1. Download a portion of the book and a song at for FREE!

2. Sing along and dance to downloaded song.

3. Like us on Facebook at

4. Pre-order a book at

5. Follow us on Twitter for silly posts, like “TGIF—Thank God I’m Frosted!” and “What does a cupcake wear to work? #cupcakeproblems

6. Give yourself a hug from us for helping out a little cake!

7. Tell a friend about this cupcake’s journey to courage!!